Some Nature Shots

Not all of us humans has the passion to take photography on the unknown side of the world. Some just makes the known part of earth as the medium of photography. But what more baffling focus can it be if you take photography to a whole new level. These images taken are just the results […]

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is the son of a customs official Alois Hitler (to 1877 Schickelgruber) and his wife Klara (nee Pölzl) in Braunau am Inn (Upper Austria) was born. Hitler leaves the secondary school without final exam. Firstly not forced to gainful employment, Hitler devoted to reading völkischer writings. Particularly strongly influenced him at that time […]

The Mountain Sides

We give wide range scenery free here. You can download them in extensive variety of high resolution for your PC. Try not to miss the quality. Free Large Images group gives the best quality pictures for your PC or web. Landscapes, works of art, landscape photography: catching nature photographically with its numerous aspects. There are […]