Some Nature Shots


Not all of us humans has the passion to take photography on the unknown side of the world. Some just makes the known part of earth as the medium of photography. But what more baffling focus can it be if you take photography to a whole new level.

White-tailed Eagle (Haliaetus albicilla) Norway November 2013

These images taken are just the results of these hardworking photographers getting on the site and taking still images of animals at work. By work means their life in the wild. Little are known ¬†from which of these species about their habitual places but there is more to that if we get deep and learn more from just observing them. What best way to gather data but to capture them, not literally though, but by the form of art. Have some time appreciating what we can call nature’s gift.

An oceanic whitetip shark (Carcharhinus longimanus) is accompanied by a group of pilotfish (pilot fish: Naucrates ductor). Rocky Island, Egypt. Red Sea


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